Personalised Song

Unique and Personal

The perfect gift.

What is the personalised song service? It’s a song written especially for your occasion and is written and recorded by me, Chris Mossop. It’s the perfect way to make the occasion that bit more special and personal. 

I have written songs for almost every occasion whether it happy, celebratory, funny and on occasion in memory of someone close to us we have lost.

Some people that I have written for include the famous artist family the Pissarro’s and also for the great professional motorcycle racer Dan Kneen of the Isle of White who sadly passed away in a bike accident in the 2018 TT Race. 

Below is a video to show you what is involved and get some first hand experience from couple Phil & Morven who commissioned me to write a song for their wedding in 2016.

Starting package £300.00: 

  • -Song Consultation
  • -Live Studio Recording of the song (Guitar & Vocals).
  • Audio File of the Song.
  • A CD of the song is available for an additional £10.

Add-on Services:  

  • -Perform the song live at the event £200 (Travel & Accommodation charged separately).
  • Song written with accompaniment of the band (Cello & light drums/percussion) and includes a live studio recording: £500.
  • Poster with the lyrics framed and delivered in mainland UK. (You can wait till after the wedding to purchase so that you can use an image from the wedding in the background) £50.

For Inquiries contact: